Phil's Sandbach Folk Club Scrapbook (1981/2)

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This is NOT the official web site of Sandbach Folk Club.   The official site can be found on the link below and is the site to visit for the current program and latest news and pictures.

This site is a snapshot of some of the people and events of the early days of Sandbach Folk Club, "Folk at the George" from 1981/2

Link: Sandbach Folk Club Website

The pictures here were taken mainly to give the club some publicity through the local Sandbach Chronicle paper for which I did a little weekly write up and picture to publicise forthcoming events.

Fortunately I kept most of the negatives and newspaper clippings, although some are missing, and having just bought a new scanner, thought it would be a good idea to put them on a website.

I have no record of the exact dates that the photos were taken but the club in its present form started on Tuesday 27th January 1981 and where there is a date on the Chronicle write-ups it is 1982 so most of the photos are probably taken between 1981 and 1982.

If you have any other material that you would like to be included, send it to me and I will add it in.

Phil Brightman (August 2005)

A dense audience in the early days of the George Sandbach Folk Club Audience


I have also included photographs and press cuttings prior to "Folk at the George". Before 1981 the format of Sandbach Folk Club was an informal singaround at The Crown with occasional concerts at the town hall. This was organised by Nigel Stonier, Ian "Boot" Ankers, Kevin Fletcher, Dave Hughes and myself. 

In 1981, the singaround had to move from the Crown to the George, but a suitable singaround room was not available at the George so the format changed to the current more formal weekly folk club with guest nights 3 weeks out of 4 followed by a singers night. At the same time, the organisation of the club changed and the running of the club fell to Winston and myself. The room at the George was actually half of the room that we used up to mid 2006, the end that now has the bar in it without the hole knocked through to the other part of the room and without the bar. 

Updated 18th November 2005

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